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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What are the tyres made of?
Polypropolene – with a ‘sponge’ like composition, giving strength and durability but with some suspension to maintain ride quality.

Q) Do the wheels have bearings in them?
No. The centres are high density plastic and have great strength and therefore do not require greasing and do not corrode.

Q) How long do they last?
I’ve given mine at home 3 years hard wear so far and they are still like new.

Q) Are they suitable for small trailers behind vehicles?
No. They are guaranteed for use up to 10mph – They have been used successfully on farm equipment, quad bike trailers etc.

Q) Can I fit the tyres on my existing wheel?
The tyres are supplied on the rims.

Q) What weight can they carry?
Up to 200kgs.


Q) I am a business and would like to pay by Purchase Order?
Please call us on 07970 410 490, and we will set up a credit account for you.


Q) I would like to pay by card, but dont want to go through PayPal?
Please call us on 07970 410 490, and we will happily take card payment over the phone