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About Us

Graham Davies is a successful businessman based in North Wales.

The introduction of puncture proof tyres came to Graham through his association with a supplier of Christmas tree accessories.

As a Christmas tree wholesaler with a keen interest in horses, Graham’s connections with garden centres and the equestrian community meant that he was ideally placed to handle the distribution and marketing of puncture proof tyre and wheel products. A long relationship with stable yard life has meant that he has had a long affiliation with unserviceable wheelbarrows and punctures. When Graham first saw the tyres, he realised that they would be major problem solving products, not just for wheelbarrows but also for any low-speed application where an inflatable tyre is used.

We offer puncture proof options for most low speed applications where inflated tyres are normally used. If we don’t have what you need in stock, our factory can easily manufacture it.

We would particularly like to hear from customers designing or embarking on new projects where puncture proof tyres could be an advantage.

“Having used these wheels at home for the last three years, it is amazing how quickly you forget about the problems of punctures when previously it was always on your mind.”